Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How would You like to Lose that post pregnancy baby fat?

Hello there again it´s me Liz.

Recently I found out that I´m going to be an aunt again YEAH!!!! I´m so very happy for my sister, considering that they´ve been  trying for so long and now finally it happened. Congratulations sister dear, I know that you´ll soon be reading this. There is no greater joy for a woman than to be pregnant, knowing that there is life growing inside of you.

From that very first day of pregnancy till the day he/she is born our body changes, adapting to accommodate that little precious being that depends on us for every single thing. Clearly a mothers love comes naturally, because we learn to love that little being since he/she was still a itsy bitsy seedling, and for nine months we grow to love them more and more each day. the joys and pleasures are countless.
However there is a side we´d much rather NOT talk about.

While we´re pregnant we tend to say at lunch or supper time, "I now eat for two", indeed and completely true however, one must have a moderate diet, one that is healthy for you and your baby. It´s not going to help you much gaining a lot of extra kilo´s not healthy for you and it´s certainly not healthy for the baby, so "Think Twice" before you have that second slice of double fudge chocolate cake, it sure sounds tasty but just say NO!

Even so we often cannot avoid those little temptations and we end up having that second slice.  The next day you feel like having a big bowl of fettuccine belvedere, a very rich and creamy Italian dish for lunch, sounds awesome, yes? By the way I love that dish.
So by the end of the day you start to wonder what you going to make for dinner, maybe you´ll just order some take out, wonderful idea, saves you time and the hassle in front of the hot stove.
Imagine that you go on like this for the whole nine months, by the time your baby gets born you would be double your normal weight.

Until here all ok, but then you want to start dieting and go to the gym, jogging in the mornings, cause you want your old figure back, because you´re not happy, then my dear you should left that cake alone.
So now what? Well now you start working out, walk more, do cycling, join the gym or you can seek professional help.
Read the testimonials of how these new mommy's got their bodies into shape  loosing that extra pounds they gained during pregnancy..

Now I must say, I have a twelve year old daughter, if I had come across this product back then I would have been a even happier mommy.
So sister dearest  if all else fails you know what to do where to find me.

Once again thank you for your time, feel free to leave a comment.
See you soon

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